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Aashish Puri, COO & Co-Founder, Rock.in | July 23, 2012

"It was hard to say Tschuss(goodbye in Deutsch-try pronouncing that) to Berlin after the amazing times at Bread & Butter and the Fashion Week 2012.

I was on a tasting spree at Bread & Butter (not that bread and butter), Berlin's leading international trade fair for street and urban wear attracting buyers from all over the world every year. Like a dead ringer for New York's Times Square, Germany's former Tempelhof Airport hosting Bread & Butter Berlin, represented the crossroads of the fashion world where fashion enthusiasts, designers, buyers and traders gathered in large numbers to join in the celebration of style and innovation. It was more like a madhouse where eccentric fashionistas like myself drank in the sweet smell of fabric (and beer of course) and pried on fashion sensibilities that would help transform styles back home. This fashion hub and melting pot of cultures spewed fashion fever in a city bustling with creative minds. Of course with the visual display and presentation at its best there's no denying that it is truly Europe's best fashion event.

Custom denim demonstrations hooked the crowds on to the Fuga, Desigual and Solid stands where we got firsthand experience at handling denim. In fact I became a dye-hard fan at the tie-dye Mavi stand (catch me getting down and dirty). G-star excellence, continued to amaze us with their raw luxury denims with 3D design induced styles. Gladly for us denim worshippers, we paid our respects in the ‘Temple of Denim' lit up with neon ingenuity by a hundred white t-shirts hanging from the ceiling like lanterns on Halloween. Talk about the fun neon craze! Many fashion conscious youngsters we spotted prepped up with neon headphones, tees and nail colours, a trend set to continue and rock (.in) through 2013!

Divine fashion intervention rained on at every turn with massive blown-up posters of fashion icons like the impressive portrait of Igga Pop looking out at the visitors in a curious Willy Wonka look (no offense sir).But what also couldn't go unnoticed were the models in colourful suits, colourful hair and relishing colourful icecreams by Brand Scotch and Soda. I also got myself a free T-shirt from Hilfiger Denim (haven't tried it as yet though) amongst many freebies like key rings, fingerboards, water bottles, Pepe's mobile phone handsets and tees.

The Berlin Fashion Week seemed like a world of its own like a spinning top leaving us oblivious of night and day through fashion trade shows and awards ceremonies, exhibitions and off-site events. Our buying team went greedy curating styles with all the amazing brands who signed up with rock.in during the event. The rock.in team settled on sophisticated sports wear clothing, ultra glam party wear and casual polos in bright colours (esp. neon). How could I not mention the Tom Tailor polo field! Watching Polo matches in the airport's apron in a sand arena on a hammock close to the field tempted us to a lazy afternoon by the Havaiana's beach stall. Like a city on wheels it wouldn't even blink by night and treated us to thrilling ramp walks demonstrating the heavenly battle between the angels and the satanic army.

The Berlin Fashion Week like every year has spelled success. But for me the journey has just begun as I take back with me the magic that I wish to recreate for our Indian audience at Rock.in.

Berlin you were a blast! Until we meet again!

All the amazing brands we have signed up in Berlin and more are exclusively available at www.rock.in...
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