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Shweta Ganesh| Posted On: 10-May-2013

Its amazing  how weddings bring together families from different walks of life to celebrate another lasting journey.  We were left mesmerized by the first two seasons of the famous Band Baaja Bride that airs on NDTV Good Times which celebrates exactly that! As we’re nearing the finale which airs this Sunday, we chat up with host Ambika Anand and mentor, ace designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee as they complete the shooting in Kolkata. The finale is all about exciting new makeover stories, accomplishing dreams and living them too!

This is the designer’s first time on TV and Ambika vouches for this superstar as she has had a phenomenal time working and learning from ‘Sabya’ as he’s fondly called. Someone who comes with a lot of experience and expertise, the designer has managed to showcase his real self across the television sets to us. He’s soft, attentive and a great mentor to everyone who comes forth with a long-standing dream, a story and a strong voice. Sabyasachi says, ‘Being on TV and working behind-the-screen is a different experience alltogether. It’s about teamwork and collaborative efforts which comes with its own set of challenges that one has to constantly deal with. It’s great to meet with customers and their families, an opportunity that I don’t get often. A show like this disciplines you as it comes with a definite time frame, different people and varying opinions. Being successful is all about collaborating with different energies and being in-sync.’

We love what we see on TV with the different colours of garments, accounts of the bride-to-be’s family members and the story of the makeover. However, what’s the level of preparation that goes behind making ‘BBB’, we find out from Ambika. She says that planning the storyline itself takes a while as each episode has to be different from the previous one. The contrast in story, costumes, customs and traditions, weaves a story of its own which is brought out in each episode. Ambika shares with us, ‘ There’s a lot that goes on behind each episode right from taking still shots, setting up the camera,  to picture sequencing and editing. We take about 7-10 days for each episode and shoot for twelve hours a day! That’s quite a lot of work!’.

When you’re a part of a show of this stature there are so many moments that last a lifetime, touching us. We ask them both to share their favourite moments of the show. For Ambika, it was her first-ever episode of Band Baaja Bride, the one that bride Disha Sanghvi was a part of. Ambika says, Disha had over 100 surgeries done on her after an accident. But her spirit was soaring high at all times. She started up her own HR business and was very lively, buoyant and energetic. It’s difficult to see someone so positive and enthusiastic about life. I had the chance to interact with her then fiancé, a resident of South Mumbai who never considered Disha’s plight a sorry one. He was upbeat, encouraging and that was truly inspiring.’ For Sabyasachi, it was meeting with Farah, a vegetable seller’s daughter. He said, ‘I never knew her history and was simply asked to go to her slum. The entire house was sized half of my bathroom! That moment left me feeling humbled, responsible and forever grateful. Sometimes we are so caught up in luxuries that we fail to be thankful for what we have and experiencing that was greatly memorable.’

So, what’s the big trend this wedding season? Ambika vouches for Sabyasachi, Amit Agarwal and Arjun Saluja’s costumes. She loves red as that’s her eternal favourite while white as a colour brings out the glow in the light. The big trend to cash in on is Fuschia. Ambika believes that everything this season must come with a dash of Fuschia and we dare not disagree. She has been a part of 64 weddings till now! She tells us, ‘ I have shot for The Big Fat Indian Wedding, Luxury Weddings and three seasons of BBB and have seen weddings very closely as well. Personally, I hate them because there’s way too much of preparation that’s involved!’  Sabyasachi as we know is a simple man who has never believed in trends. Staying true to his beliefs, he says, ‘ A wedding isn’t essentially about trends but it’s more about infusing culture, tradition and showing our respect to age-old culture. Weddings are more than just mere showy clothes!’

The finale episode will see the coming together of a Gujrati girl and a Bengali groom along with their different customs. Ambika and Sabyasachi are careful not to reveal too much about what to expect other than of course, a happy ending!

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