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Shweta Ganesh| Posted On: 16 May 2013

It is but a known fact that one’s style is a direct reflection of the personality. Futuristic, goth or minimalism, the realm of fashion is expanding and people are taking definite risks and experimenting more with their personal style. One thing’s for sure, trends have always been dynamic and evolving but the pace of fashion has never been faster. Students in their formative years have already started developing their own strong characteristic style which we feel is obliquely indicative of a progressive society.

We picked out a handful of students from Pearl Academy, a renowned Indian fashion school, to give us a glimpse into their very own creations. Pick your favourites, chances are you may be wearing their designs someday!

Name - Priyal Dua


Abstract – Her concept is based on the story of a Goth who has strong ideologies and philosophies in life. She mostly keeps to herself and tries to find happiness by self realization and believes in complete detachment which means that she is self-contained. So, in other words to expand her realm of knowledge and possibilities, she travels all around the world and unravels that the nuns and monks are her brothers and sisters in different outfits.

She starts relating herself to them and begins a journey of transformation that is “GOTH-MONK”. Her range elucidates characteristics of a gothic monk that is Mysterious, Cross Cultural, Chic and Androgynous through splashes of solid gothic black and hints of earthy brick monkish red colours.

Name - Yashika Jain


Abstract - Inspired from Modern Architecture, the collection represents a very clean and structured look. This is a high-street meets ready- to- wear. The focus is to create textures on fabrics (Suiting material and Rexene), blending it with the simplicity of silhouette. The silhouettes are simple, developed by combining shapes and clean lines.

The visual appearance of the collection represents a sense of basic design principle- Balance & Proportion which is an important part of architecture. It emphasizes on the cuts and intricate details which are structured yet complementing the female silhouette. The collection is designed for women who are sophisticated, confident, and minimalistic; who give importance to new innovative ideas.

Name - Vikram Sagar Sharma


Abstract - Sado Masochism is a form of erotica wherein women are deemed sexually submissive. The concept, ‘Antithesis’ is the opposition to the act of Sado Masochism. It seeks to empower women, without compromising on their sexuality. In keeping with the essence of S&M, the silhouettes are body conscious with short hemlines, and the colour palette is primarily black. The collection is targeted for spring summer 2013, and its USP lies in the fact that it’s completely on trend and will appeal to the young at heart who have a taste for provocation.

Name - Sumiran Sharma


Abstract - Derived from the Sanskrit words Bahu (many) Roop (form), a Behrupiya is an Impressionist in the traditional performing arts of India, Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh. The collection is very much a revival inspired by the authenticity and significance of the art-form though, at present, it is at the verge of extinction. The tribute to impressionistic art will remind us of our affinities to become a Behrupiya in life when we take on various generalized roles in the society. For this reason, every garment has a different form (silhouette) and can be worn in multiple ways depending on the aura/statement the bearer wants to create. More importantly, there are drapes and patterns co existing, intersecting and converting into each other to display the intricacies and speckled characteristics of the nature of an ever-changing identity. Keeping the inspiration in mind, the collection is set to AW 14-15 and the dominating fabric is wool (merino) in different forms. Also, the techniques used are bandani (tie and dye), laser cutting, wool-on-wool embroidery, hand-painting and weaving. Particularly, the colour story is set in dark winter shades - black, greys, browns and dramatized with some bright colours inside to create surprising revelations and artlessness in the mix of the palettes.

Name - Shreya Niwahaal


Abstract - Taking the mysterious nature of a vampire who survives on brutality, this dark romanticism inspired range depicts power, strength, darkness and sensuality existing together.

Name - Garima Arora


Abstract - Delhi, the city of extremes full of dreams, bursting out of seams showing the true kaleidoscope of multicultural vibrancy is the inspiration for my final graduating collection. Focussing on the twisted hues of the magnificent city of thousand images, and observing the psychology and heavy duty attitude of Delhites two distinctive worlds, depicting the perfect juxtaposition of modernity and history collide to give a jolt of colours and chaos. The fall winter 2013-14 collection is a playful blend of thick canvases, velvets, suedes and sheer tissues. A vibrant and diverse palette of dazzling blues, sap greens, scarlet toned down with ochre and earthy-browns. Never-ending curved lines have been used to make hand-drawn artworks that are further developed into prints. Silhouettes depicting simple complexity in digital prints have been created with quirky metal detailing. The urban chic collection showcases conceptual garments range of Menswear (2) and Women’s Wear (3).

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