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Shweta Ganesh| Posted On: 05-June-2013

She’s sexy and she knows it! This dusky, tall beauty needs no introduction as we’ve spotted her at a lot of fashion dos. With jet black hair, super long legs and exotic looks she steps out in style each time. On the ramp and off it too, Preeti has an amazing sense of style. She’s just wrapped up with the couture week and takes time off in between her shooting editorials and designer shoots for a quick chat. Without any further ado, we let her take us through her plausible sense of fashion. Exclusively for SK, she decodes her fashion essentials.

What’s her take on fashion, we ask?  She says, ‘I generally follow my instinct when it comes to fashion, trends change every season but I believe that one should follow their own personal style than trends. I shop from flea markets on my trips to pick up clothes that I wouldn’t find elsewhere. I don’t always shop from malls as it’s boring to pick mass-produced garments! I’m into DIY stuff, for example, I like picking up small studs to put on normal t-shirts and create a funky Tee. Personally, I’m not into dresses and heels. I’d rather wear denims and shirts as you can add your own twist to it. I love the androgynous look, it’s totally me.’

My 10 fashion must-haves:-
if you are fashion conscious and love well fitted blazers, shirts, skirts and pants this is the place for you. I go there always whenever I want to pick up something androgynous.

-A well fitted skinny jeans, I love skinny jeans, they look chic and can be paired with many things. I prefer it in blue, black and grey and khaki color.

-Blazer, I have many blazers that I have picked up from many places, I have sometimes found amazing blazers in Sarojini Market and sometimes even at places like Zara, Mango. I think every fashion conscious girl should have at least one blazer in her closet that she can just wear with a skirt, jeans, pants or even a dress.

-A maxi dress, I love maxi dresses for the days I feel girly, make sure maxi dress is light in fabric so for summers it’s perfect, I think girls in maxi dresses look feminine and sexy in a subtle way.

-T-shirts which are almost backless are hot, you can find many in shops like Zara at a very reasonable price. I’m not a cleavage person but I love t shirts that show my back, it’s easy to wear, and carry off since nothing is out there on display!

-A big leather bag, I don’t like small purses, I like big utility bags, preferably leather, leather always looks good, and lasts longer. I have a big black leather bag that goes with everything and holds everything I need to carry with me. It doesn’t have to be over sized but I like my bags big maybe because I need to carry a lot of stuff, leather bags in tan colour are never out of season.

-Clutch: always keep a clutch in your closet, they are great for parties, sleek and chic, they can really change the way you look.

-Brogues: I have many shoes, brogues are basically low heeled shoes or boots, pick them up from a good store and you will never regret. They go with anything and everything and makes sure you look stylish, they have been in fashion since long and are never out of season.

-Black heels or tan colored heels, they are a must if you love being fashionable. They change the appearance completely, I have many pairs obviously because of my job but for people who follow fashion I believe a good look black heels is a must, even tan colored these days are in, do not hesitate if you stumble upon come wedges, pick them up too, I think they are going to be in fashion for some time and are super comfortable. Just make sure you pick the right one. I always suggest that pick up heels that are high, not small!

-Jewelry: I like Indian jewellery as it’s chunky and goes with everything. I have a few rings, neck pieces and beautiful earrings by Ritika Sachdeva, a Delhi based jewellery designer.  Her designs are spot on. I can wear them with anything and they add such character to the whole look.

-A shirt: an oversized shirt, well not really oversized but a big shirt one. I wear them with my skinny jeans and I am ready to go and hang out with my friends. I love shirts; they are comfortable and edgy at the same time.

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