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Shweta Ganesh| Posted On: 08 Jun 2013

A film-maker, a fashion designer, a poet, an artist, a music-lover, a revivalist, a social-worker – all this and more define Muzaffar Ali’s ongoing quest for new ventures. He has a constant penchant to try something new which reflects on his attitude towards life which is simple yet so surreal. Ali is always looking for newavenues to express his creativity and makes sure he reaches the depth of each medium he picks for himself. A strong believer of Sufism, art work and fashion. Though these streams are categorically different, Muzzafar Ali connects with it at a much deeper spiritual level which is intriguing to me.

His current interest is composing lyrics. Ali has recently composed music for a film by Rushdi Hassan for the song titled song 'Lucknow main fiza'. We were too keen to know more about the great artist and jumped at the opportunity of chatting up with the multi-talented person.

1. Tell us about penning down lyrics for a new film.

I never write lyrics. I am poetry driven and in the continuous quest for a  mystical verse. In my own films, I had used the poetry of Shahryar. Much of it I got written. I have used the poetry   of Faiz Ahmad Faiz and Makhdoom Mohiuddin. Like millions of us,I have been strongly inspired by him. I was the most touched when he wrote the following lines about my first film-GAMAN.

'Muzaffar Ali's Gaman is a poem in visuals. Its tragic lyricism, its muted eloquence, is deeply perceptive ; its sensitively conceived and truthfully captured slice of reality around us,  - the heart break of the human situation in town and country, makes it sheer delight, a veritable tour de force'. Dated:26-8-78, Faiz Ahmad Faiz. Music comes as an inspiration from such verse. This is a sacred process.

2. What are you up to this year?

This year,I am painting regularly and also working on my new film script so that's keeping me immensely busy.

3. From where do you get this radiating energy to try out so many different things? How do you manage to juggle your different professions so effortlessly?

My energy comes from Unity of purpose, unity of inspiration, and unity of creation. It integrates all art forms into a Unity of expression. This comes from sanctity of a thought process which comes with peace, patience and perseverance.

4. What's more challenging, being a designer or a lyricist?

I am a compulsive designer, in a non-conventional way. I design everything that needs to be experienced.  I design my films, its muses, scene, its ambience, its shots, its costumes, its    sound and music. My passion is to work with professionals who can interpret my madness.

5. In the line of fashion, who do you think has immense potential in terms of design and creativity among the current lot?

I like a lot of international designers, among the Indians I like Rohit Bal, I like people who follow tradition and can present it in a global context, like Raghvendra Rathore and Rajesh Pratap Singh.

6. What are the challenges faced by the Indian Fashion Industry?

Currently, our works which are growing out to be exemplary have not been showcased globally. Showcasing our diverse forms of work and art pieces pooled together will be a challenge. Not only that, films like fashion which depict our nature of  work and emerging industry have to go global. A lot of our fashion is not represented globally, once the audience world over sees our work, where we showcase trends by merging aristocratic and ethnic designs, they would see India as a fashion destination.

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