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Shweta Ganesh| Posted On: 14-June-2013

After hitting the snooze button, if the first thing that you tell yourself after fetching your morning cup of caffeine is TGIF, you know it’s a good day. Fridays mean a lot of things! For some, it would be catching up for drinks with friends, movie nights, takeouts, workouts or simply a break from the week’s monotony. Friday dressing at many companies means casualwear and we tell you how to carry the look from day to night. Here’s our wardrobe update for Fun Fridays consisting of the dos, don’ts and more...

If you have a corporate job that doesn’t allow you flexibility to dress up during the week, think colours on Friday. Colours play an important role in shaping our moods so pick up something that makes you feel upbeat. Choose mustard, orange, amber, lilac, fuchsia to keep your spirits high. In case you like prints, add a dash of it to your outfit. However, it’s time to remind yourself that you’re not in college and do not work at the circus. So, whatever you choose, you still have to keep up the formal-meets-casual dressing up the hose. 

DONT- Shorts, track pants and yoga pants might work around certain offices and one can get off the boss’s glare by throwing in a Tee and blazer. But if it doesn’t work, it simply doesn’t work. So, we suggest that you keep your lazy clothes on the bed and stick to something that spells the title of the job given to you. Wondering how to be a good judge of what to wear? Here’s one test we trust. A good rule of thumb is to never wear anything to work that you would wear in bed or lounging on the couch at home.

DO DENIMS- Yes, that’s what we said!  We believe that the cool blues are an excellent alternative to slacks or dress pants, which are typical in professional attire. However, be mindful of the sort of jeans you wear though. Keep your distressed, stone-wash, ripped, cropped and fun coloured jeans at home! Choosing a dark wash of jeans, as opposed to a lighter wash, looks more professional since the darker colour mimics dress pants. However, if your office is as stylish as ours, we say wear those printed pants teaming it with a plain T-shirt for that added jazz.

SHEER FEAR- Stay away as far away as possible from anything that shows skin and/or is see-through. We agree that the humidity and sun could probably dissuade us from wearing layers but think of this as protecting your assets! We love sheer tops, bow blousons in pastel colours but make sure that you wear a tube or basic vest underneath it. Nobody respects people who dress trashily in a professional environment and casual Fridays do not give anyone the leeway to dress up like that! Keep your professional attitude up the ante on all days. 

DANCING SHOES- Fridays necessarily mean that you have to go out and keep track of social your commitments that are jotted in your calendar. However, your workplace is not the place for glittery Louboutins or even worse-flip-flops! Tennis shoes and sneakers are not always ideal either as they can dress a look a little too casually. What to wear? We suggest, gladiators if it matches your outfit and if you’ve just gotten a nice pedicure. If not, stick to the Ballerinas, loafers in colours or prints. It blends both style and comfort and is the prefect casual alternative to more restrictive business shoes.

MAKE UP- Office wear hair and makeup ought to be subtle, classy and long-lasting. We don’t like rosy cheeks or stained lipsticks and untamed tresses. Don’t let your hair frizz out in the rains! Use a protecting hair serum, sunscreen, press powder and mascara. Dress like a lady and you’ll instantly be commanding respect. Fridays allow you to experiment a little though! Try double volumizing mascara, hot pink lips and winged eyeliner. Keep the base clear and blemish-free. In case you’re headed to a party thereafter, keep the gloss handy! Perky pontyails, French twist, side braids are great options for casual dress-ups.

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