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Shweta Ganesh| Posted On: 15-June-2013

He’s edgy, fearless and has great spunk. Knowing the insides of any fabric he touches and also the business of fashion, Kallol Datta is one hell of a designer and we break no bones about it! His latest art-meets-fashion at Project 88 displayed his A/W collection. Kallol is known for his fun prints, eclectic, electrifying designs and has always taken the fashion world by storm. His deep rooted love for black and for scene-changing and brooding surroundings has earned Kallol Datta the name he has made today. Sk chats up with the ‘magpie’ of Indian fashion to find out what’s actually behind those dark, kohl-lined eyes.

1. How is the year looking for you in terms of work?
Not too shabby. Kallol Datta Autumn Winter 2012-13 was just displayed and it was all about quirky prints. The first showcase in 2007 gave rise to quirky prints, oversized tunics and ever since newer retail clients have kept coming and I've never been so busy at work.

2. Do you agree that the biggest challenge faced by designers these days is having another designer copying your work with reference to a comment made by you on a social networking site?
It's probably a professional hazard. Twitter is a place which lets me rant. There’s absolutely nothing more to it. Since most get squeamish about plagiarism, why even bother to talk of it? Everyone is trying to be ‘quirky’ now!

3. Indian designers are more known for their traditional creations in the country. Do you think that mindset is changing now?
The mindset is slightly schizophrenic right now. The best example I can give is that I create mostly 'western' (for lack of a better word) forms, but I wear only Native clothes. I’m most comfortable in them.

4. What's in store for this year's Spring/Summer collection?
Since last season for Spring/Summer 2013-14 was upbeat and happy, for Autumn/Winter 2014, I'll be darkening the mood a wee bit. Black and then maybe more black along with prints from the other side.

5. What can we look forward to from you in the near future?
A website is in the making and I’m also looking at a more pronounced retail presence domestically. I am also in the process of curating work for an art gallery, and that has me charged up.

6. You're constantly pushing the conventional boundaries of fashion. Where do you draw your inspiration for such creations?
I think the boundaries are blurring even more so as we speak. I do what comes naturally to me. The fact that you think its widening perceptions is very kind of you.

Influences come along in form of new moody music and sounds, artworks and reading memoirs. 

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