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Shweta Ganesh| Posted On: 18-June-2013

Every once in a while we come across a trend that we fall in love with, dig deeper into drawing inspiration to style it with panache and a packed punch.

However, we also have certain trends that we are done...correction..over done with and it would bring about a relief to our eyes if we simply got rid of them! Some fashion trends don't flatter the human form (there, we said it), and few probably only suit about 1 percent of the population, while the rest have been done over and over again. SK lists outs few fashion trends that we are ready to do away with. Here’s what made it to our top five list of styles that should die soon...

Colour Blocking - Yes, no matter how many colours the denims come out in, we have decided to put a stop to it! If you have the blues, greens, reds and yellows, we suggest that you DIY those pairs to create something eclectic and fun instead of the plain old. Studs, embellished, spikes and polka dots-the inspiration lies everywhere, literally. Bright on bright is dull at the moment in our eyes and we dearly wish that this trend that rocked our wardrobe for the longest dies a natural death!

Cutouts- It was a major trend almost two years back in the summer. Peek-a-boo fashion has been around for a while now and we have worn them dresses, tops, skirts with nude underneath. Apart from the constant need to have a toned body, blemish-free skin that is free of flab, there’s the need to wear proper inners as well. Now, that we have done it all forms we wish to bid our goodbyes to this one for a while till we figure out ways to reinvent it.

Mini Skirt+ Leggings- We have got to admit that those who live around the snowy tops are only allowed this trend! What can the pair of tights and a short flimsy skirt probably do to you? We secretly admit admiring Posh Beckham walk around the streets of London in a short leather skirt, pair of tights and her Birkin bag after which this trend was a rage. However, now that’s passé for Posh and we must equally contribute to doing away with it! Tights look good with tunics, kaftans and jersey tops while mini and micro-mini skirts must be left in our teenage closet.

Rompers- If you have decided to take the day off and spend it at the beach along with your gal pals take your romper along. If you have decided to be home, step outdoors for shopping or watch a film we say that you leave the romper at home! This one’s a black sheep and no one has ever been able to look absolutely stunning in this. We all love the carefree days of our childhood and those memories bring back pangs of nostalgia. However, there are better ways to feel younger we say!

Crocs- Take a deep breath and hear it out from us- no one should be caught dead in Crocs! They are definitely comfortable and when the monsoons pay us a visit, we like to feel the cushion available in Crocs. However, if you’re not five we suggest that you find alternative footwear that offers you equal comfort. Adult footwear offers great comfort and style which come without the huge holes, rubber-y plastic feel or loud colours.

Fashion is cyclical, we know! What’s in your wardrobe today may be resurrected tomorrow. However, style is something that never fades and in fact it keeps evolving. Keep it stylish, simple and add your own flavour to your ensemble. Relics from the past should lie deep in your closet for its time to make seasonal additions.

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