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Deeksha Thapliyal| Posted On: 07 Jul 2013

Whether you are a frequent traveler, or the once a year vacation type, nothing compares to nightmare of lost luggage.  Being the savvy traveler you are, you’ve packed a few essentials in your carry-on, but anything longer than a 3-day trip requires checked baggage.  You deplane, traverse the terminal, wait at the carousel…wait…and you wait some more.  After you see the same floral print roll bag circle for the 8th time, you accept the reality that your bags...are. not. coming. out.  A cold, sinking feeling takes over as you think of the wardrobe favorites and irreplaceables contained in the missing suitcase.

There is always a chance this may happen to you, and that’s why we all need this uber cool technology so we are never stranded without our luggage – EVER. While this new gadget won’t ensure your bag will always make it to your final destination, it does bring peace of mind – and saves you the headache of waiting for the airline to locate your luggage.  The TrakDot luggage tracker will notify you via text message that your bag has arrived – before you even get off the plane.  Knowing – with absolute certainty – that your bag has made it, makes this little device absolutely worth it, in our opinion.  Even in the event it didn’t, you’ll know where it is before the airline customer service desk. How cool is that?

The technology works with Apple or Android devices, as well as via SMS and email, and basically anywhere your mobile phone does. Trakdot will record a time-stamped location history, so you can see where your luggage has been and is accessible online or via mobile device. It also lets you know when you are within 30 feet of your bag, and is FCC certified and FAA compliant. Now this is a technology we’ve all been waiting for. Now we can finally travel in peace without having to bear all the anxiety attacks thinking about our luggage. Bon Voyage!

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