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Shweta Ganesh| Posted On: 05 Jul 2013

As much as we are glad that the rains are here, we cannot deny the amount of problems it brings with it. Apart from the muck, sewage and excessive humidity that it brings forth-the incessant downpour also isn’t very kind on the hair! Experts, beauty gurus have always told us the downfall of rains on our hair with dandruff, hair fall and the spelling disaster for any kind of hair style to set in. Don’t hit the panic button just yet as we get our expert, Ayesha Mistry, Head Creative Stylist, Juice Salon to give us a lowdown on monsoon hair care. Apart from that there’s more in store for you...

What’s the best way to keep the frizz away and ensure your hairstyle lasts through the evening? One rule that we all know is to wash your hair regularly with a mild shampoo in order to cleanse it and rid it off grime, humidity. Washing hair frequently in monsoons is good. However, do not comb wet hair and use treatment masks, hot oil to nourish the scalp in between washes to safeguard it and keep it lustrous.

The humidity brings out the frizz which makes it almost impossible for any styles to last longer than a few hours. According to Ayesha Mistry, Creative Stylist, Juice Hair "The trick here is to use the right products that help you control the frizz right from the minute you step out of the shower. A good anti frizz shampoo and conditioner should have ingredients like Glycerin which hydrates the hair and soothes the cuticle which in turn prevents frizz in the monsoons".

"An anti frizz serum should be applied on damp hair and semi dried before you start any kind of styling.After your done with the look it is best to use a hair spray which is flexible but has anti humidity properties which will help prevent frizz and fly away hair", adds Ayesha.

It is best to wear your hair in its natural texture in the monsoons, This makes it easy to do and has less maintenance.

CURLY HAIR: Best way to maintain your hair after a shampoo and conditioner is to towel dry it .Apply a leave in conditioner which will help you to de-frizz and detangle. Layer the hair with a curl enhancing product like TIGI BEDHEAD Foxy Curls curl enhancing Contour Cream and scrunch the hair using a diff-user.

STRAIGHT HAIR: After shampoo and conditioning use a heat protective serum through your hair. Blast-dry your hair till it is about 80% dry. Starting from the nape work in 1 inch or more sections and blow dry the hair. Choose how you would like to part your hair and iron it it small sections. Spritz an anti humidity spay through your hair so that your look lasts longer.

Everything from Beer, curd, eggs and lemon make for a good hair mask. So, depending on how oily or dry your scalp gets you might want to include lemon in your mask. Every season also needs different hair products including your shampoos and conditioner. Hence, take time out and organize your hair care needs. A mild shampoo or that gentle clarifying one you just put aside thinking it’s no good will go a long way in saving those precious locks. 

Instead of leaving your hair loose in the rains, we suggest quickie hairstyles to keep you going. Everything from side buns, trending braids and perky ponytails will help you eliminate the frizz and keep your hair in place. As far as possible do not get wet in the rain! Yes, we just said that!

Beauty is a step-wise process and it’s about time we paid due attention to our mane. The best time is to start now and reverse the damage!

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