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editorial@stylekandy.com| Posted On: 27-July-2013

Carrying on the theme of bringing back the Noir era, the Grey Goose cocktail menu comprises of classic cocktails inspired by the evergreen villains from the past decades.

Grey Goose cocktails
Grey Goose Warp Stone
Inspired from the famous gentleman villain of Bollywood K.N. Singh this cocktail is classic mix of Grey Goose Vodka, Martini Rosso, Cointreau and home made bitters. Served on large carved ice rocks this drink is an ode to Singh’s famous dialogue “main wo bala hoon jo sheeshe se pathar ko tod de”

Grey Goose Shadow Weaver
The famous one liner “is thapad ki goonj abhi tak mere kaanon mein hai” earns its place on the list that conjures a shadowy back-story of the movie Karma without even trying. This concoction of Dr. Dang includes Grey Goose Vodka, sweet & sour mix topped with jasmine foam. Watch out for the Grey Goose shadow weaved on the cocktail Grey Sour.

Grey Goose Destructeur
The dialogue “sara shahar mujhe loyan ke naam se janta hai” is enough to seal the villainous deal. The cocktail inspired from the famous character created for the movie Kalicharan includes a destructing mix of Grey Goose Vodka with grape fruit, orgeat and home made bitters topped with sparkling water for the killing effect.

Grey Goose Savateuse
Dedicated to the original vamp of Indian cinema Nadira for her iconic role of “Maya” in Shree 420, the drink is a stylish yet villainous mix of Grey Goose Vodka, sweet and sour, fresh mint and topped with sparkling water.

Grey Goose Black Adept
Inspired from the dramatic stage-setting name of “Kancha Cheena”, the iconic villain in Agneepath, the cocktail is an adept mix of Grey Goose Vodka, cranberry, blue Curacao with sparkling water. It’s refreshing to see some movies don’t like to throw away the character, turning them into keystone heroes instead, just like this drink.

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