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Deeksha Thapliyal| Posted On: 04-September-2

We all have those days—or weeks—when we are so busy that we can’t even remember the last time we sat down. Luckily, your smart phone can help. Sometimes it feels like these little gadgets over complicate our lives, keeping us constantly plugged into chaos, but they can actually be pretty handy if you know how to use ‘em. Check out these tools that’ll turn daunting tasks into simple ones:

1. Cash-in quick. Need to put some moolah in your bank account but don’t have time to stop by an ATM? There’s an app for that! Download your bank’s mobile site and voila—your bank account is at your fingertips. Need to deposit a paycheck? All you have to do is snap a pic and the money will appear in your checking account instantly. Most banks also offer free transfers between accounts and real-time updates on your portfolio. Now if only there was an app that magically added more cash to those accounts, too…

2. No-hassle news. Go online and subscribe to theSkimm.com right now—you can thank us later. Because sometimes the newspaper isn’t the easiest accessory to lug around, Carly Zakin and Danielle Weisberg created the Skimm in order to “give you what you need to know, on-the-go, to get through any social or professional setting.”Don’t have time to sit down and read all of the headlines? Don’t stress; the Skimm does that for you. They will condense your 25-paged paper down to a short-but-sweet email. All you have to do is open your inbox and glance at the daily Skimm, and you’re ready to discuss sports, politics, and current events with just about anyone.

3. Mobile music. Getting sick of the no-longer-cool music on your standby playlists? Try downloading Pandora or Songza and never have to make another playlist again in your life. Whether you need some tunes to rev up your morning workout or make your commute a little more enjoyable, these easy apps will do all the work for you. Music to our ears!

4. App-etizing. Say goodbye to the age-old conundrum: a fridge full of food but nothing to eat. By logging onto MyFridgeFood.com or the Epicurious app, you can find easy, appealing recipes using the food you already have on-hand. Not only will you save yourself a trip to the grocery store, but you’ll also learn tons of new, exciting recipes. With these simple apps, there will be no more excuses to eat greasy takeout. You’ll have a happy wallet and waistline.

5. I.O.U made easy. Tired of nagging your friends to pay you back? With Venmo, you’ll no longer have to chase anyone down for money; they can hand it over on the spot. Venmo becomes a life-saver when a friend forgets their wallet or a waitress refuses to do separate checks. Simply hook it up to your credit or debit card accounts and transfer money between friends and family without all the awkward I.O.U’s.

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