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Deeksha Thapliyal| Posted On: 08-Nov-2013

Imtiaz Ali, captures Mumbai city through the lens of Lumia
Bollywood’s leading director Imtiaz recently collaborated with Nokia, when they launched Lumia 1020, their 41 megapixel camera Smartphone. Through this special collaboration, the director took the phone to the streets of Mumbai and captured the essence of the city. The pictures clicked with the device were up for a photo exhibition on the day the Lumia 1020 was unveiled in Delhi. A photography enthusiast himself, Ali’s pictures were themed around Mumbai city.

In his series of photographs titled The City, he captured the spirit and soul of Mumbai. Speaking about the Lumia 1020 he raved about how Smartphones have become a convenient form of capturing special moments. "Nowadays with the availability of smartphones the task has become much easier. Not that cell phones with a camera is something new, but technology has progressed from cell phones supporting VGA cameras in the past to 40 mega pixels and has changed the way we look at photography". He further explains; that it was “difficult to get that detailing and perfection by the time you adjust lenses in your SLR camera, set the shutter speed and aperture and press the click button, the moment you wanted to capture has passed" Ali said.

Speaking about the pictures, he commented; "I travelled in an autorickshaw to capture the mood of Mumbai," says Ali. "There's an image which shows a woman looking out from her balcony. I took this shot from behind her by reducing the shutter speed in order to get the effect that I was looking for."

JJ Vallaya captures Artisans in his Signature Garments with Nokia Lumia 1020
India’s own fashion guru, JJ Vallaya recently collaborated with Nokia, when they launched their new flagship, Lumia 1020, their 41 megapixel camera Smartphone. The designer who is known best for his courtier work carried the Lumia 1020 when he went traveling and also dressed up his tailor and domestic helps with his creations. The images were showcased in a photo exhibition on the day the phone was launched in Delhi. Titled The Maker, The Muse, Vallaya’s portrayed artisans  (his tailor and domestic helps) wore his bejewelled long jackets and posed for the Nokia Lumia camera like professionals. "The idea just hit me and I executed it without wasting a minute. I like the details in the photograph while the depth of the colours is really impressive. Nokia just took care of my wish! The resolution and the depth of the colours are impressive on the Nokia Lumia 1020 and the level of detail I captured using this device is quite simply phenomenal," he said Being a constant traveler, courtesy his profession the designer raved about how he constantly notices compositions around him. “I want to capture but have always shied from because of my dislike of carrying two devices - a camera and a phone.

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