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editorial@stylekandy.com| Posted On: 08-Jan-2014

Tao Art Gallery showcases recent works of artist, Nanda Das. Born in Tripura in 1970, Nanda completed his bachelor’s in Literature from the Kolkata University & further graduated in Fine Art from Sir J J School of Art, Mumbai in 2001 & subsequently did his masters in 2003. Recipient of several state awards Nanda Das has been actively participating in several art shows nationwide.

For his second solo exhibition at Tao Art Gallery photo realist painter Nanda Das returns back to Bombay and Sky. Water is of course there   but now it is the city’s vast empty skyline. A surreal juxtaposition of skyscape and waterscape is transformed in a sacred painterly scape.  Nanda’s approach to these series of paintings represents the exact opposite mental process of transition of his conflicted relationship to a world. The artist in this body of work is trying to come to terms with the dissonance and disorientation of urban life. ‘The loss of concrete connections to the objects of senses creates a void in the contemporary generation’. It unleashes a flow of new and elusive perceptions. Giving them the visual characteristics by painting skyscapes is his way to explore them. So Nanda buys a small amount of sky with a click of camera to create this series – SOLD OUT SKYLINE.

Nanda notes: “It was while flying at 35,000 feet; I fell in love with the sky. I wanted this Sky to be part of my sky on the earth. I wanted the sky that vertical Bombay is stealing away from me by erecting new skyscrapers and all mechanical constructions. And for me these paintings are to reclaim the sky. I want to bring the sky on this earth”

As a photorealist painter his works begins with a photograph that he takes, and in the painting he creates his own world. The borderline between a sense of reality and a sense of fabrication is essential in Nanda’s work. He manipulates and combine photographs to transforms his work.

This exhibition is also Nanda’s painterly tribute to great painters of landscape Turner, Constable and Gerhard Richter’s.

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