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editorial@stylekandy.com| Posted On: 20-March-2014

Lecoanet Hemant pay homage to the beauty of the metropolitan landscape with their Spring Summer'14 collection titled ‘Urban Architecture’. Inspired by the structural design and art of some of the major cities in the world, the asymmetrical lines, precise cuts and unique construction styles give this collection a distinct character. Featuring dresses, crop tops, light jackets, skirts and pants, the collection is exclusively made to order on www.lecoanethemant.com.  With the stylish urban woman as muse, the pieces can be translated easily from day to evening.

Spotlighting clean and sharp lines, the collection also takes inspiration from the modern art movement and from the works of Mondrian and Le Corbusier. Black, white and grey are the core colours of the collection, aptly celebrating city life. There is a sense of play with the fabrics while pleats are used in the pieces to accentuate the waistline. The voluminous cuts and vertical lines in the dresses and skirts enhance the shape of the body. Fabrics such as jersey and silk give a sensual look as they embrace one's silhouette. Keeping in line with the ethical design philosophy of the brand, non – violent silk has been used, which is procured by preserving the life of the silk worm.

Masters of their craft and known for their ability to experiment with designs and textiles, Lecoanet Hemant have this season introduced new techniques in weaving, perforation and lacing. Finding inspiration in the rattan furniture weaves or creating geometrical lace, the designers have developed fabrics at their own atelier, making every piece a unique one.

Hemant says, “This season we have created pieces which are simple yet chic. The collection is very versatile and can just as easily be worn for a meeting as for a lunch, a gala or for cocktails. But it’s the woman who gives the clothes personality. We have tried to combine our love for the arts with our design philosophy and created something truly special”.

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