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These are the best days of your life. While we’d all like to be 18 till we die, unfortunately we have to grow up and that means having to dress in a grown up manner too! But if you’re a college student, you can get away with frayed jeans and a casual look day in and day out. Sk chats with fashion experts to determine what students beginning their new year in college should wear…

Girly fun

Gaurav Jagtiani, of the designer duo Gaurav and Ritika, says separates are a good option for girls. “You can fun with lots of colour and cute separates. Wear cute skirts, minis and boy shorts. Dresses look too dressy for the day. “

Stylist Rick Roy says you should have an individualistic style. “Use smaller elements to create your own style. You could be the girl who wears funky nail polish everyday or a scarf daily. If you’re fond of colour, then make that your defining style. College kids usually don’t have too much money to spend so create your unique look with cheaper accessories.”

Rick warns against showing too much cleavage. “A lot of kids go the gothic route which is cool but can be too outrageous on a daily basis. Don’t go over the top with it.”

Designer Aditya Duggar says, “When I was studying fashion design, we always wanted to show that we were a season ahead through our dressing. Style is important when in college. Trends wise, the androgynous look for girls will continue to be in. We’re also doing a lot of colour blocking, prints, bright colours, vertical stripes and minute florals now.”

Gaurav says, “Once you start working you can’t dress the way you can in college so make the most of it. Wear big prints, polka dots and carry colourful bags. “

Aditya’s current collection includes denims, shorts, cotton lycra pants and shift dresses. “Girls can also wear pleated churidaars with tunics. We’re also designing boyfriend jackets without lining for girls. Girls should accessorize their look with sling bags, bracelets and belts.”

Gaurav adds that while girls may be tempted to wear heels, they should wear comfortable shoes that they can walk in. He suggests wearing gladiators and embellished flats. He says there are a lot of affordable options for comfortable yet stylish footwear at stores like Zara. 

Boys will be boys

According to Rick, guys should keep their look casual. “Wear clean tees or checkered shirts and jeans. The less you think about your look the better. The laid back look works well.”

“Don’t use a lot of gel and hair products. Be groomed but the chilled out, ‘don’t care how I look’ style is a bigger turn on than someone who tries too hard. Have stubble but not a beard,” adds Rick.

Aditya says, “Plain denims can get too monotonous so we’re doing printed denims. Linen pants and printed pyjamas are also good options for young boys.”

Gaurav says the trend of denims in bright colours like green is catching on with guys too.

“You can get away with the punk/goth/grunge look in college. Wear ripped tees and denims. Layer your look with grungy ganjis. Enjoy this look because you can’t wear it once you start working,” says Gaurav.

According to Gaurav college students should move away from Converse. “There are other footwear options. Guys can invest in a good pair of loafers that are comfy and go with shorts, jeans and trousers.”

So embrace these styles and enjoy being young. After all, once gone, these days will never come back.

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