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Yamini Singh| Posted On: 24-Sept-2011

You often don’t or can’t see beauty in the world until someone shows it to you. Take a look around you just now – even without moving from the computer. Can you see something in a new way, a different way of presenting something common? Just take a look again! “Beauty can be seen in all things, seeing and composing the beauty is what separates the snapshot from the photograph”, said famous photographer Matt Hardy. This quote applies excellently to fashion photography. The title ‘fashion photographer’ may sound self explanatory but the job requires more than just taking fashionable pictures. SK rounds up some A-one fashion photographers in the country who tell us what it takes…

Celebrity and Fashion Photographer Daboo Ratnani says, “It is extremely important for every aspiring fashion photographer to have a keen eye for beauty. One needs to be attuned with international trends, step outside of their own preferences and be acceptable to new ideas and suggestions. A strong aesthetic sense is also very important to decide what background, lighting and mood would work best with the picture. Also, no one can teach you photography. Perhaps one can be taught the techniques but besides that everything else is an inherent individualistic contribution that evolves with experience. I would suggest assisting an experienced photographer and observing his technique and then eventually evolving through ones own experience”.

Fashion Photographer Vikram Bawa comments, “There are three things I consider most important in the profession of a fashion photographer- Drive to be experimental, ability to communicate with light and lots and lots of patience. Anybody can click a beautiful looking girl and deliver a fairly pretty picture but the challenge is to be experimental and produce something out of the box and beyond other people’s imagination. You are required to translate ideas into a photograph and while doing so carve a unique identity for yourself. ‘Lighting’ plays an important role in how a photograph will turn out. A good photographer must know how to communicate with light and interpret it through his photographs. Lastly, every project takes time and in that period you need to deal with several other people involved who work in a manner other than yours, prefer different time schedules and have dissimilar expectations, a photographer needs a lot of patience to deal with everyone involved and yet bring his A game to the plate each time”.

Fashion Photographer Gaurav Sethi adds, “As a photographer you need to find extraordinary things in ordinary subjects. It is important to study the face of a person, the mood, the angle of light and what attributes would enhance the photograph further. When I started off as a photographer I did not know as much as how to load a film in the camera but soon enough after I began using my own equipment and began experimenting with different lenses and lighting everything started falling into place. I have never done any formal course or received any certification for my qualification as a photographer but I feel it is only my distinct creativity and my unique style of photography that sets me apart from the rest”.

Photo Courtesy: Vikram Bawa

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