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Shweta Ganesh| Posted On: 14 Dec 2012

Whenever a new film comes about, we’re always excited about the dose of trends that it will bring around. Yes, in a country that thrives on Bollywood, fashion and trends are also influenced by the films. With the New Year coming in, we’re awaiting various new films and the first in that order is a Chitrangada starrer ‘Inkaar’.  Here’s more to the film and the sultry actress’s look in the bold film...

The film is based on the bold and controversial theme of sexual harassment at work and with such a hard-hitting storyline, Director Sudhir Mishra wanted nothing but reality to be shot and captured. Rick Roy, who’s responsible for styling Chitrangada’s look in the film tells us, ‘Sudhir is a perfectionist and demands nothing less than that. He’s not known for candyfloss, couture cinema where the actors sway with the breeze wearing swanky costumes. His films are all about the script, the actors and the story is the script of the film, while the costumes are just the backdrop.’

When you have two very good looking actors who are blessed naturally with oodles of it, how can a stylist justify his job? Initially, Rick says that he was quite sceptical about doing this film since it doesn’t exactly fit his genre of styling but Sudhir really pushed him for this. The outcome, from the looks of the film seems great! We asked Rick to share with us some of the looks of Chitrangada in the film. He says, ‘Her look in the film has about five stages since her character undergoes various changes through the film. From an assistant at an Ad agency in Mumbai, few incidents in the film push her to go to NY after which she finally comes back. Though her character undergoes many a transformations, the change in terms of clothes and styling had to be subtle. That was the most challenging for me.’

Chitrangada, we hear will be seen in ripped jeans, captioned T’s with an umkempt look during the first half of the film. Rick says, ‘She’s fun-loving, rebellious and very edgy during her Ad agency days in Mumbai. She’s dressed in unbuttoned waistcoats with a loose shirt inside of it. There’s a pencil that she uses to tie up her hair, smokey eyes and wild hair. For someone who’s so naturally glamorous, she managed to pull of this grunge look with much elan!’

When the lead actress of a film goes to any fashion capital, we don’t expect anything less than Marc Jacobs, Burberry, Valentino and Dior. However, with Sudhir Mishra calling the shots we know that wouldn’t be the case. So, was it we asked and the response was ‘no’! Rick adds up saying,’ We have used McQueen, LV but have also equally incorporated Zara, Topshop, Mango and local brands because after all, it had to be real and believable. The film is not about trends because deals with a serious subject of which clothes are just a part of the character.’

From torn jeans, baggy denims to clean cut dresses, flowing gowns and sexy sarees, the actress wears it all in the film. Her journey from Mumbai to NY and back will see her don various outfits as her character graphs to a higher scale. With various twists and turns and of course, how can we ignore Arjun Rampal, the film will set our pulse racing! We can’t predict the rise or fall of the film and might just have to wait it out till the release.

The film is scheduled to release on 18th January, 2013!

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