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Shweta Ganesh| Posted On: 19-Dec-2012

Another fresh face scorching the ramp and silver screen, who packed her bags and landed up in the City of Dreams. Having made Mumbai her home, Spanish top model and upcoming actress Yolanda Mclellan has managed to do what others only dream of ! The Spanish beauty grabbed headlines after bagging a role in KJO’s latest short film for Chivas Studio directed by Shakun Batra. Fashion and style are two things that come to her quite naturally, she admits. Her style, says is feminine, effortless and absolutely classic. In a tete-a-tete with Sk, she reveals her dreams, her love for the city and lots more!

1. How was it being a part of Karan Johar's short film 'Strangers in the Night'? What was your experience starring in the film?
It was a wonderful experience! I got really into it, 100 per cent from the very beginning. I got the job right after my arrival in Mumbai. It was my first acting experience so I was excited throughout even before I knew the amazing high quality of the team I was working with. Karen Pandit is such a professional and one can really tell he devotes his life to theatre. Working with the Director Shakun Batra was very easy as he knows what he wants and has a very good sense of story-telling. Karan Johan was very happy with the results, and so am I!

2. Does it help to have an international face in the Indian modelling industry?
India is a young and exciting market so there aren’t too many foreign models yet.  On the other hand, we can’t get all sorts of jobs.  So, it depends!  Sometimes it is an advantage and sometimes it is a disadvantage. At the end of the day I think having the right face and being in the right place at the right time is what does it!

3. Who inspires your work? Any top models or everyday people, who inspire the way you dress, walk and go about your work?
I get inspired by people I meet in real life, people who are naturally elegant, noble, excited about life, curious and that have their own sense of aesthetics. For example, recently I met two very inspiring women here in India, one is Kim St Clair Bodden, Vice President and Executive Director of Harpers International and the other is Mara Desipris, a well-known Greek photographer. Both these women have their own style, are approachable, creative and interesting. I admire that.
About how I dress, sometimes I make my own jewellery and find my clothes in second-hand markets, on the Internet, or from designer friends. I like experimenting with my closet and putting together feminine and classic pieces.

4. As a model, what would you say your USP is?
I have an unusual face, I adapt to any environment like a lizard! Also, I deliver whatever I’m asked to give. (I try my very best because I love the challenge and the thrill of it!)

5. What are your future plans in terms of work?
My plans are to stay in India and make more movies. Hopefully more work will come through my way!

6. What are your other interests? We went through your blog and you seem to like writing!
Good research! (Laughs)  I have always written and thoroughly enjoy it! I studied journalism and have carried a notebook with me at all times since childhood. Recently, I started combining writing with drawings in a comic style. I really enjoy that as well!
7. What are your favourite shopping destinations in the world?
 London, because it has everything from Charity shops in West Hampstead to all the shops on Oxford Street! In New York, you can go crazy as well. I love the Marc Jacobs store and Urban Outfitters. Here, in India I go to all the markets including Colaba, Santa Cruz, Hill Road, Linking Road and get the most amazing jewellery. Regarding Indian clothes, I have a crush on the dresses Nachiket Barve does.  They have an incredible fit and stunning design.

8. What's the one thing that you love about Mumbai and one that you dislike?
I love how alive Mumbai is, although the non-stop noise is something that I absolutely despise. But I guess you can’t have one thing without the other, so I’ve made my peace with it!

9. What's your beauty regime?
I drink lots of water, go running and do yoga on a regular basis. I try to use brands with no chemicals and always wear sunscreen. A must-have is the Enrich Wella Professionals conditioner and good Argan oil as a leave-in all night.

10. What's on your Christmas Wish list this year?
An Ipad, an amazing hand bag and one of Nachiket Barve’s dresses is all I can think of for now!

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