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Tista Sengupta| Posted On: 04-Jan-2013

Who doesn’t aspire to have a toned figure like the models? In fact every young, fashion conscious men and women hope to be a part of the glam industry someday. But what does it take to enter the industry? Is it only the looks that matter or even an impressive personality that helps one to get an entry ticket into the modelling industry? With the New Year just begin it’s that time of the year when fashion weeks will be back with a bang. Just like every year, this year too, will see both established as well as new faces strutting on the ramp for eminent designers. Model auditions will soon commence, and in order to encourage them and make sure that they make it to their ultimate dream job, models and a fashion choreographer speak to SK as to what aspiring models should work on more before auditions. Take a look.

AlesiaRaut, Model
Height and body type are two of the most important criteria that any aspiring model will be judged on. You can either be skinny and toned up or even broad and toned up. Physical appearance makes a lot of difference. A perfect and soothing personality can add wonders. Always remember that you are a learner and have a long way to go. So, the urge of being a part of the industry and learning from seniors in your attitude can impress judges at auditions. Be confident in order make the judges feel confident about you.

Tony Luke, Model
Now-a-days people like muscular physique in men. So for the aspiring male models, you need to keep a check on your physical appearance. When you are at auditions, don’t be under the impression that judges would like to see you wearing tight fitted clothes. Rather opt for comfortable clothing and if they are fitted ones, keep it a bit subtle. Make sure that you have a portfolio with 10-15 well clicked pictures that you can show for reference. Perseverance and confidence are two important key mantras for cracking model auditions.

AlisonWoodham, fashion choreographer
Aspiring models going for auditions need to be confident and walk well with inbuilt attitude. The style of ramp walk has changed so they need to keep an eye on international shows and use it to base their ramp walk trainings. It’s very vital that every model has an individual look so that she can stand out from the rest. This can be regards to the way he or she wears his or her hair or even the way he or she wears their outfits at the auditions. After all, designers look for a fresh unique faces.

AsifAzim, Model
Boys need to be extra cautious about their hair style and outfits that they wear to an audition. Having a good style sense too makes a lot of difference. You ought to look sharp and should have a toned up athletic or sporty body instead of a pumped up muscular one. At an audition, it’s better to wear a tee with a jacket over a pair of denims and loafers of brogues. Be focussed, don’t get chatty at auditions and concentrate on your work. Be manly, classy and edgy. Sleep well before the auditions and wash your face with tepid water frequently. Use face wash only once while taking bath and if you have a tendency of dry skin, apply moisturiser for sure. And one of the most important thing that a model should inevitably look into is a cut in their smoking tendencies. Smoking can damage your skin, so it’s advised to either cut it down or quit.

Mia Uyeda, Model, VJ and Actor
I personally feel that aspiring models in India should be confident and not arrogant. Keep it simple at auditions and don’t opt for revealing outfits. Rather don a nice tee over a pair of jeans and heels. Put on a subtle make up with just a light base on the face, mascara and lip gloss. Keep your hair down for the designer and judge’s panel to see what looks will suit you best. Hit the gym regularly and maintain a daily skin and hair care regime. I think the starved look is no more in demand, now it’s the toned healthy look that models or even aspiring actors should work on more.

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