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Tista Sengupta| Posted On: 16-Jan-2013

Talented and beautiful South siren, Lekha Washington has been quite prominent in movies. Her special appearances in Hindi cinema and her recent cameo in Vishal Bharadwaj’s ‘Matru ki Bijlee ka Mandola’ has paved her entry into the tinsel town of Bollywood. Being extremely fashionable, “she loves to shop whatever catches her attention”. SK chats up with her as she reveals her style secrets. Keep reading to know about Washington’s style factor...

What is Lekha’s style?
I like to keep it really relaxed and comfy. My style is more of a quirky one, and I like investing on interesting pieces of apparels or accessories. On regular days, you can see me wearing leggings, a pair of shorts or denims teamed up tees or tops. I have a pair of torn shorts that I can wear to death.

Tollywood and Bollywood – how will you differentiate the two industries with respect to fashion?
No doubt, Mumbai is much forward when it comes to fashion. But if I had to differentiate the industries, both live up to their needs for fashion. In Tollywood, you see more of bright colours. It’s not that Bollywood doesn’t opt for vibrant hues, but in South films, they love playing with loud colours yet they look attractive.

Your style inspiration would be...
Lady Gaga is unique with her style. Copying someone’s style isn’t what I call inspiration, but you can surely carry a subtle version of it. Another designer that I look up to is Alexander McQueen.

Your favourite shopping destination
I love shopping, but going offbeat is my style. Something’s that too common isn’t what I would go for. So there is no such specific shopping destination from where I love shopping. It can be from a famous fashion boutique or even from Bandra. But, I have a strong affection for fashion in Spain. The brands have merchandise that is comfy to wear yet detailed.

You have an art and design company too. Tell us about it.
I chose to have a parallel career in product designing along with my career in films. I have created a line of high-end lifestyle offerings such as furniture and out-of-the-box products for living spaces. Quite unconventional, all the designs are patented. They are quirky and cool.

A designer, sculptor or an actor – which role excites you the most? And, if not any of these, what would you have taken up?
I want all of them happening simultaneously. If I wouldn’t have been doing any of these, I would have surely taken up direction. And eventually, I will take it up as my career. (Smiles)

Designers you love to wear...
Manish Malhotra and Chaitanya Rao are also two of my favourite designers from India. But I hope to own an Alexander McQueen creation soon.

What has been your hottest pick of the year?
I bought this lovely red dress from Armani recently. I believe that an outfit should flatter you than itself. I plan to team it up with a nice pair of heels and earrings. I don’t like carrying anything in my hand apart from my cell phone, so wouldn’t really opt for a clutch.

Tell us about your future film projects
I have a Tamil and a Telugu film lined up as of now. Along with this, I also have two films in Bollywood that are yet to release. Let’s keep it under the wraps until it hits the screen. For now, I can only tell you that one of the films is with actor Rajeev Khandelwal and the other is with super star Amitabh Bachchan.

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