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Tista Sengupta| Posted On: 08-Feb-2013

Week after week of nonstop action should only be rewarded with some quality alone time at the spa. Nothing beats a scrub and polish to bring you back to life, recharged  and refocussed, and yeah, looking radiant. A couple of hours at the spa and BOOM! you look awakened, that stiff back is out the window, the hurricane in your head has settled and you're looking at that week ahead at work right in the eye, undaunted! Cmon, you know you deserve a break. Have a looksie at these exotic spa therapies for some inspiration...

The Ancient Revival
You can now expect to indulge in more authentic wellness experiences at spas with great ambience this year. With Ayurveda making a major comeback, you are sure to detox yourself in a much better way. Aren’t you aware of the powers and the magic of Ayurveda? They are known best for its natural healing effect on the body. Be it exercise, meditation or even massages, can refresh your mind, body and soul. Get ready to experience traditional Turkish, Russian and Roman baths that are sure to maze you.

Comprehensive Wellness
Do you think spas are just to pamper your desires? You are completely mistaken then. This year you will find spas delivering wellness to persons of almost all age than just focusing on luxe-pampering, People will hit the spas to keep their bodies more functional, flexible, and also for nutrition advice and pain relieving therapies. With quite a good impact on your body and health, spas with such facilities are going to be sought after.

Men Matter
Girls, it’s just not you, but even men like to get treated with exotic massages. 2013 will witness more of men indulging in spas and fitness regimes. From mere pedicures, manicures to even facials, men will not shy away from getting refreshed at spas. Deep tissue massages are going to be their favourites, just like women.

Colour Show
This year you will see ‘self-expression’ being deeply played around colours. Watch out for more in-your-face shades of hair and face from reverse ombre to neon lashes. For many people, getting inked is also a good change from the usual schedule, as it adds glam to your look. So, tattoo spas are going to witness higher sales than never before. And women, if getting a nail art done, gets newness in your look and life, they will continue to ascend with less bling and more of nuanced textures, be it in 3D art or just as mini-paintings..

Stay Ageless
All those men and women who are troubled with aging issues like wrinkles and pigmentation, 2013 has the best anti-aging regimens in store for you. Many companies are researching and making a range of beauty products that will keep you youthful. From antioxidants facials to peels, resurfacing treatments to manicure treatment for treating aging hands, will not fail to surprise you.

It seems like 2013 is going to be a fun year, with new innovations in the spas, promising to offer you the best. Show some love to your body and mind, and let it get invigorated with the right spa treatments.

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