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Shweta Ganesh| Posted On: 21-Feb-2013

We love her bubbly and effervescent personality. She’s charming, fun-loving and a nonstop ‘talker’, that’s how actress Prachi Desai describes herself! As the brand ambassador of Neutrogena, we caught up with the preppy actress at the launch in Mumbai where she was dressed in a beautiful asymmetrical nude Rag & Bone dress paired with classic black pumps. She’s fuss-free when it comes to make-up but fusses over her gorgeous mane by conditioning and hydrating it regularly. She says, ‘Beauty is skin deep and healthy skin is always going to be in’.  In an exclusive with SK, Prachi shares with us skincare tips, her favourite designer labels, beauty regimen and lots more...

How would you describe your personal style? How has it evolved since the time you stepped into the industry?
My personal style has evolved greatly over the last couple of years. I always chose to be comfortable in whatever I wore. To me, that was being fashionable. Then I chose to dress elegantly for a while. It was perhaps due to the roles I was doing that I was dressing that way. However, now I’m more conscious about myself, the way I look, groom myself. Now, I’m more experimental and gutsy, I don’t mind trying out what’s new. I believe that as long as I can carry an outfit with panache, I can wear it!

What does your skincare regimen consist of?
I’m picky, choosy and very particular when it comes to skincare. I particularly believe in cleansing, moisturizing and protection. It’s very important to use a sun-block. We always undermine its usage. However, it is as important as your daily face lotion! The market offers everything from a cream to a gel when it comes to sun blocks which is effective enough to keep dark spots, pigmentation and uneven skin tone at bay.

Why do you believe Neutrogena’s latest digital campaign will revolutionize the way we look at our skin?
I vouch for Neutrogena, not just because I’m the brand ambassador but it has more to do with the fact that there’s a solution for every skin problem under the sun. It has been looking after and nourishing my skin for many years.

Their digital campaign is fantastic to say the least! Owing to our fast-paced lifestyles we are all increasingly dependent on the internet for every small thing including skin problems, fashion tips, beauty how-to’s. Now, imagine a video that’s specially designed for your skin problem which also gives you a solution at the end of it. Neutrogena has created not one but ten of such videos which cater to just about everyone. If seeing, is believing then here’s your chance to do both!

What’s your beauty quick-fix?
I have not one but two quick-fixes that always do wonders for me. A face mask by Neutrogena is great for my skin as it hydrates, cools off and leaves my face looking fresher and cleaner in just 15 minutes flat! Not only that, it gives my face that surreal glow as well. I end up using it whenever I feel that my skin lacks lustre. I’m in love with Ferragamo’s facial spray which instantly makes me feel fresh the moment I spritz it on. It’s like I’ve splashed a bowl of ice cold water on my face! Yes, it’s that effective! 

Tell us about your latest film ‘You, Me Aur Main’ which sees you in a new glam avatar.
It’s one of my favourite roles that I’ve ever played so far! Of course, I’ve never gotten offered roles where I play my age before.  This one’s like a breath of fresh air, to me where I’m playing my own age. I play a hairstylist and a make-up artist who’s fearless, fun-spirited and enjoy life to the fullest. I’ve reinvented myself completely by the way of this film. I’m very excited about my look in the film! I’ve experimented with my make-up, grunge and Bohemian look which has been very different to the plain Jane one’s I’ve sported earlier!

What would be the three tips for skincare that you want to exclusively share with our readers?
As much as everybody keeps saying it, I’m going to go ahead and repeat it- drinking water and hydrating you skin is the most important rule. If not water, substitute it with lime water, coconut water and green tea which help in cleansing the system internally. Only if the body is rid of the toxins will it show on the skin. Never, go to bed without cleansing your face! Get rid of all the make-up, dirt, sweat and grime each day before going to bed. Also, don’t listen to people about skincare. Everyone’s out there telling us what to do, how to do and which brand to use. However, it’s important that we know our skin type and try the product ourselves. If you’re doubtful ask your dermatologist to guide you through!

What are the designer labels that you find yourself picking up all the time?
When it comes to something casual and fun, I always end up with Forever 21 and H&M. It’s comfortable, trendy and fast-fashion which is great for casual evenings. When it’s for the red carpet or other special occasions, I swear by Michael Kors and Rahul Mishra. Rahul Mishra’s designs always come with a surprise element which always makes a statement no matter what.

What’s the one big trend that you’re following religiously this season?
Burgundy is big on the charts this season and I’m all for it! Be it as nail paint or a bold lip colour, this season I’ve been having major fun with this trend.

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