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editorial@stylekandy.com| Posted On: 06-April-2013

The latest addition to our list of ‘beauty obsessions’  is - the Eyelash Extension. Celebs like Aishwarya Rai Bachhan, Rihanna, Beyonce, Eva Longoria, Cheryl Cole, Kim Kardashian have all been sporting  dramatic eyes this season. Who needs a magic wand to do the talking every morning when one can get it ‘naturally’ or rather surgically? But how much is too much and is it advisable to enhance the beauty of the eyes in this manner? What are the downfalls of this procedure? Is it expensive? Should one consider it? If you have similar questions and more, heres what you need to know about permanent falsies...

Single strands of synthetic lashes are applied to each of the natural lashes. Each strand is tapered at the tip with an adhesive base which is then finally curled and replicated to match the other lashes. Make-up artist Vipul Bhagat says,’ I have a 50-50 opinion about this trend! Firstly, it’s very close to the eyes and is almost like a mini surgery so it has to be done with great care. In case the instrument goes into the eye, one will have to face detrimental consequences. While on the other hand, the dramatic eyes look great, the eyeline becomes more pronounced giving a good shape to the eyes. However, the effect is short-lived and lasts only for a period of 2-3 months.’

Mallika Bhatt, a make-up expert has a different story to tell. She says,’ I know a lot of people who go ahead and get lash extensions but these are people who do it abroad. If one is convinced that this procedure will make them look better, feel better I’m all up for it. It gives great depth and density to the eyes and I have seen the results on people, it looks fab! The only downside of it is that regular maintenance is required and one has to take good care of the extensions. So, if you’re willing to do that then go for it!’

Though a lot of spas in the city offer these procedures who must one go to in order to get it right? Afsar, beauty expert says,’ Anybody who works at a spa, parlour isn’t specifically good for this. A certified lash stylish is one who knows his job and there are barely any ones in India. The post-extension care involves using oil-based products, going in for a touch-up regularly and over a period of time the glue becomes hard making it a strain on the eyes. No matter how much research is done and how much this procedure is developed, applying curling mascara is the safest and best bet!’

Though fashion says that you have to be bold to make an impression, we say waking up with bold lashes isn’t exactly worth the money, effort and maintenance.  If you’re willing to pay the price, walk down the aisle of risks at least make sure that you go to a certified lash expert stylist. It’s fashion versus vision, so choose wisely!

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