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Shweta Ganesh| Posted On: 09-April-2013

With fashion going digital and phones taking the ‘smart’ route, it’s time to make the most of what it offers. Who says you have to go schedule an appointment to your favourite salon, spa or even stylist to know what you need to purchase for looking beautiful. Beauty magazines do give the latest on what’s trending in the world of make-up from all over but who has the time? With magazines and newspapers being available online, it was only natural for friendly applications to exist within your touch screened phone! After the apps that allow you to shop, dress up and down, we thought it’s time we updated our BQ (Beauty Quotient). Sk picks top five beauty apps that’s for the high-maintenance woman in you!

- Lancome Make-Up
This is our top-rated app as with the brand’s expertise you’re taken on a beauty tour. Latest diagnostics, trends and findings are shared with the user. This app allows user to experience make-up, using your fingers to paint the latest colours onto this apps’ face chart and also check the intensity with every screen wipe. Apart from that it has feature stories, expert tips, tutorial videos and make-up looks from the fashion capitals of the world.

- My UV Alert, Coppertone
Don’t we all want healthy skin in spite of the harsh sun, downpour? If having good skin means eating good food and protecting your skin from damage by repeatedly applying sunscreen, then you’ve got to do it. Of course while doing our chores we could forget to do so but our smart app will conveniently remind us. It zones in on your location, gathers the local forecast, calculates the day’s UV index and then suggests you the appropriate sunscreen to apply. Since it has already recorded you skin type, it reminds you to reapply the sunscreen and also suggests tips to keep out from the direct rays of the sun.

- OPI Nail Studio
Nails form a big part of our wardrobe and if we could, we would definitely match our nails with our outfits daily. Here’s an app that lets you do exactly that as you pick from an array of colours, patterns that OPI’s colour dial offers. The skin tone can be adjusted so you can effortlessly see how a particular makes your nails look. So now you don’t have to wait for a shade to dry out on your nails and can simply switch from colours without the hassle. It’s great for those obsessed with nail paints!

-In Style Hairstyle
This is a great app created by the InStyle magazine itself but we love it because it’s great fun for the user. Instead of taking pictures from magazines or imagining yourself in a hair style, try this! It allows you to take a picture of yourself with your own device and then filters the hair do’s with celebrity names. Once you pick up a name and hair style, you simply match it up with your own face shape, hair colour and type to see how it looks.

This app is just for the iphone users but is a must for every one of them. It helps the user locate the most appropriate fragrance based on their personal choices. It provides one with the useful and relevant information of perfume brands, their notes, popularity charts and even fragrance families to help one identify their taste. This app is a great way to not only experiment with but also learn more about the right notes of fragrances. It’s great for the perfume obsessed sides of us.
With each of the top luxury brands coming out with an app, we suggest you try out your favourite brands just to experience what they offer. It’s time to finally be (h)appy so go ahead and spread the joy!

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