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Kuhu Kochar| Posted On: 09-April-2012

Fashion and brands are all about the BIG BIG money, we all already know that. But while there are people all ready to pull out a fat wad of greens for a little beautiful dress, there are others who just can’t afford it; this is where the knock-off market comes in. Not being super rich does not mean you don’t deserve to be stylish, feel these people. But then again are brands the only way to be stylish? Small companies and export houses have always used bigger brands as a reference point in their designs.  But when one biggie decides to pull a carbon copy or close to one on the other, what happens then?


Flooding this week’s fashion news was starlet Jesssica Simpson and her baby bump, but that was not all the press coverage Simpson was going to get, the fashion world took on to her ripping off Christian Louboutin’s gorgeous pink shoes ‘the Staratata’. Simpson has gone down to literally just copying the shoe head to toe, from the buckle details to even the colour combination!

There are so many similarities between the two shoes we think it`s pretty clear the Louboutin Staratata shoe served as direct inspiration for Simpson`s Evangela. The lavender bottoms and matching buckles, the black platforms, the identical pink strap configuration, the yellow trim. And we all know what this means, before the YSL red-sole court case can get over, the Simpson trial will begin.

We set out to ask people what they thought of copycat fashion and designers who imitate? While designer Deepankshi Reena felt it was an absolute no-no, many younger design students seem to feel if it’s lighter on your pocket, why not?

Textile designer Arpita Chandra also felt that she would never even buy a real Burberry trench or for that matter even an LV bag for its original whopping price, but the slash down knock-off’s offer is a relief to the pocket.

As long as there is a demand for stylish clothes and accessories, knock-offs will continue to exist. It’s each person’s call to decide if you want to save up for the original or make do with a look-alike…

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