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Carole Robequin
Senior Manager – Training & Creative,
Jean Claude Biguine, India

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Pallavi Sharma from Mumbai writes:
Hi Carole, I have my wedding planned this December and would like to know the ways to protect the natural texture of my hair from the excessive styling during the wedding?
Dear Pallavi congratulations in advance. It is important to keep your hair strong and nourished so that they don’t succumb to the strain and stress of the intensive styling. Avoid heat and styling before the wedding day to keep your hair naturally nourished. Also opt for minimum of 4 to 5 sittings of Kerastase hair rituals every 2 weeks. I advise you diagnosis of the current state of your hair and choose the ritual your hair needs. And finally, regularly use quality homecare products as suggested by the stylist post the ritual.

Natasha Saldhana from Mumbai writes:
Dear Carole, I would be tying the knot coming January. I must say this is a good initiative taken up by Jean-Claude Biguine to drive away all mine and many brides-to-be nervousness to look their best. Could you guide me towards getting a glowing skin for my D day?
Dear Natasha we appreciate your feedback. Well to begin with demystifying your query, I suggest you use a cleanser that suits your skin type along with a good make up remover at night. Exfoliate your skin at least thrice a week to bring a stunning glow. Experts recommend the Biguine Bio organic facials as these facials use 100% organic products which are great for the skin, as compared to the other products in the market which are high in chemical ingredients. And another very basic suggestion is to drink a lot of water as it reveals clearer skin and a healthy glow.

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