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Cotton Council International presents Let’s Design season4, the most exciting platform for young design enthusiast to fulfill their dreams of becoming India’s next top designer.  With aspiration in the eyes and focus to win an all expense paid trip to witness the Supima show at the New York fashion week, the top thirteen designers face the challenge of competing in India’s only fashion series that will turn their aspiration into reality…. Let’s meet the contestants.

Rebellious in thoughts, the youngest contestant amongst the top 13; Mehendi Sharma is very much inspired by the Persian architecture and loves everything about the Islamic religion, be it art, craft or zardozi work. Being a well-planned person, she takes herself as her biggest competitor. Her love for humanity makes her think as a journalist and she is an aggressive poetess too!

When the world’s going Gaga, she’s busy finding the origin and inspirations. This Bengali girl is a culture freak. Riya Mondal doesn’t do anything without research. She keeps an eye on every detail and keeps evidences in support of whatever information she gains. Her love for exploration can be seen in her designs which are a fusion of rural yet urban India.
An ardent believer in the rooted growth of human experience, Lalit Senger from Ghaziabad is inspired by minute details from the surroundings. Being an Arian himself, he loves Lady Gaga not just as an icon but as a person who is grounded and loves to be her original self. Fashion for him is crossing barriers, picking what suits him and forms his own style!

The very sweet Ishan Mazumdar from Indore is a shy guy! His language of entertainment is calligraphy, illustration, photography and spending time with family. Having stepped out of Indore for the very first time, he wants to be a designer who suits everyone’s pocket. Well, he hates watching movies and fashion for him is all about elegance with simplicity! He has a good collection of 45 watches that form his style statement.

With a much diversified profile of a graduation in BMM and two years of fashion studies, Aniket Satam has made it thrice to Let’s Design regional’s. Currently working on label “A positive by Aniket”, he has a great visual capability of collecting fashion magazines and images. His collection as a solo venture is going to be a part of the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, from Jan 16th to Jan 19th. He has earned accolades for designing garment for Amrita Rao which she wore for the cover page of ‘The Man’ magazine for October 2009 issue.

Fashion for him is a problem solving technique. Inspired by the New York based youth designer, Bibhu Mohapatra, this guy takes every work as a problem which needs to be solved. Hailing from the city of Kolkatta, Mazhar Khan has a unique USP of using minimum fabric for maximum results. He believes working in less number of steps, yet with efficiency. For him he says destination is not important, the journey is.

Kritika Gupta from Pearl Institute, Delhi, loves earthy shades and is a workaholic. Inspired by aggression and the emotional aspect of design, she believes in short term goals to be successful. Though a true believer of luck, yet she considers that hard work pays a lot. Besides, planning to work in future with an Indian designer like Pankaj & Nidhi or Amit Aggarwal, she also loves to write her personal journal in a generalized way!

Everyone cannot be fashionable but everyone can be stylish. Living by this line, Kanika Seth follows exaggeration and translates these exaggerated thoughts into her garments. She thinks she is confident, yet she is a very spirited person and never gives up! Getting along with people and making a place among them are her plus points.

Astha Narang believes in the philosophy of being simple, different and original. She looks forward to late Ms. Kalpana Chawla as her icon as she represents a powerful Indian woman on the global scenario. Learning new languages and partying are her hobbies and she thinks the main purpose of fashion is to look good. She manages time well. Her belief of creating her own trend cannot deny her love for heels!

Blessed with a sweet voice, Aradhana Dutta from Guwahati, Assam believes in concepts. Her love for pinkish orange, peaches and browns can be portrayed well through her wardrobe. She gets irritated when her point isn’t considered in an argument. Meeting deadlines is her strength. Fashion for her is conversion of 2D into 3D. She finds it really amazing how a straight, simple piece of cloth is converted into a well structured garment.

Having worked with the famous designer duo Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla, Umesh is a self motivated and an introvert from Bokaro. Inspired by Manish Arora, he takes fashion as a mode of expression. Working for NGOs and the welfare of nature are his greatest interests. He takes his design inspirations from nature and is fascinated by the Egyptian culture. He excels in pattern making, draping and sketching.

Famous among the Let’s Design 4 gang as a ‘late back’, Vaibhav from Kanpur works as a designer at ACPL. His designs are complicated and futuristic. Fashion for him is more about being functional. Beaded Rudraksh around his neck forms his style statement.

With a lucky entry to Let’s Design 4, this 13th contestant is the creative mind from Allahabad. Taking things as they come along, Dhruv Singh can flow in any direction as the situation demands. His strengths lie in draping, color combination and surface ornamentation. Having made a shocking entry this season, he is inspired by old movies from 60s.His dream wish is to design something for the late veteran actress Meena Kumari.

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