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Shweta Ganesh| Posted On: 29-May-2013

Dr.Rashmi Shetty who is considered to be one of the pioneers of Botox and fillers in India has remarkable aesthetic sense and a clientele that includes Bollywood, television celebrities and high profile personalities. Groundbreaking treatments and skin clinics established across cities, this dermatologist to Bollywood’s rich and famous has come a long way. We soak in some of her expertise...

How much has changed in your profession in the last 12 years?
In terms of people’s approach towards my profession and cosmetology in general is people’s acceptance in the last couple of years. For long, they would hold on to their belief of growing old ‘naturally’ and saw ‘corrective’ measures with a raised eyebrow. But now, I get middle class housewives who are willing to spend a feasible amount to look good. Everyone wants to look good and feel confident which has enabled them to go some distance and get some procedures done. However, that is just one side of the spectrum. On the other side people are turning obsessed with it and want to look like someone else. My treatments are about their general wellbeing and not misusing this facility.

What is the toughest part about being in the business of beauty?
It would have to be the part where people say that these treatments are way too expensive! People feel that I’m selling a commodity and bargaining is okay. They look around at other places where the same procedure is available for much less but they’re not willing to see the lack of skill set or hygiene there. These equipments are very expensive and some of them cost upto 40 lakhs. A lot of work and research goes behind the skin before we surgically correct it.

With a clinic in Mumbai, Hyderabad, Columbia and so many affiliations, what’s next on your agenda?
That’s it. There is no agenda as I’m absolutely happy where I am. I’ve toiled and worked really hard to reach here so I want to enjoy this view from the top. I want to continue to bring a smile on people’s faces with my work.

Would you recommend any facials to safeguard the skin this summer and leave it refreshed?
During summers we usually ask people to get oxygen facials done. With the purity of oxygen and the combination of Vitamin A and C the skin is made to look supple and fresh. The vitamins cut cell damage while also acting as natural antioxidants. Apart from that we also offer a range of protein masks and chemical peels which give the skin a dewy glow.

Any tips that you could share with us regarding our regimen post being in the sun?
Firstly, as much as possible just avoid going out between 11-4 because maximum sun exposure and damage is caused during that period. However, post your time out in the sun, you could start by washing off the sweat, grime and sunscreen from your face and neck. Follow this up with a pack of either tomato over your face or fullers earth and rose water. Use a calming cream after washing your face once the pack dries up.

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