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Monu Sharma| Posted On: 10-Nov-2012

The world talks about globalization and adding new flavours to the Indian luxury market; our young designers seem to be happy with the new change brought in by the textile minister. Sk gets in touch with the young fashion pillars on the same.

Lately, we heard that Anand Sharma the Union Minister for Commerce, Industry and Textiles has said that the policy initiatives and arrival of brands like Zara, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Jimmy Choo and lots more will be added to the Indian luxury market which will not only give consumers a better choice but also throw open a plethora of opportunities for our young designers for better industry placement in top notch international MNC’s.

The young fashion designers can now strive to gain credibility for Indian brands. Through the new policy the young designers will enrich the traditional Indian textiles and will work in close contact with the traditional artisans. Anand Sharma added, “New technology has created new stresses for the traditional artisans, there is need to create new opportunities for them.”

Designer Nikhil Thampi feels, “It is a very motivational thing and should give a complete boost to our working experience. I understand the fact that high–end brands should come to India but it should not overpower Indian power and Indian sensibility.  I feel it will give a boost to our career, knowledge and growth but simultaneously we should not forget Indian ethics and our label. We should be promoting our label with the foreign brands. While we welcome foreign brands, Government should trust our vision and promote us. Otherwise it is equal to me promoting LV, Gucci or others and not having any importance of my own.”

Designer Rimi Nayak says, “The arrival of the luxury fashion brands in India will definitely be an advantage to people who no longer need to travel abroad to lay their hands on these brands. This also definitely has a potential prospect of various job opportunities for young fashion graduates. But I feel even if we embrace the global trends and encourage the presence of foreign luxury brands we still as fashion designers should strive for having credibility for Indian brands made by Indian people in the national and international market so that we can even offer more employment for the people of India.”

Only time will tell what the impact of the arrival of more foreign brands will be on the fashion industry. We’ll just have to wait and watch.

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