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Tista Sengupta| Posted On: 10-Nov-2012

It’s that time of the year when your skin dries up, causing irritation and flaking. Quite a concern for most women and men, the skin needs to be treated well and kept hydrated throughout winters. Sk spoke with top models and a skin specialist to find out what their skin care regime is during winter. So here are a few ways to keep your skin glowing and fresh...

Moisturise: It’s very essential that you moisturise your skin more often than summers. This helps in better circulation of blood and leaves the skin healthy. “Daily usage of a particular kind of moisturiser that suits you, gradually helps the skin to get used to it and turns it soft. Be it a model like me, or any other person from other professions, don’t forget that the skin needs to be given more attention that what you wear. Wash it well, scrub it not more than once in a week and apply good creams and lotions on your face and body to maintain a healthy skin,” says model Namit Khanna.

Get the products right: The texture of the skin differs from person to person. So it’s indeed important, to know the type of skin you have, either oily or dry, and then buy products for the skin. “I usually use Nivea body lotion and moisturising lotions that have olive oil as a component during winters. This leaves my skin soft and glowing. For the face, I strictly stick to Vichy products. But one needs to be very cautious about their skin while applying any cream or lotion. It is recommended to use creams or lotions that the skin is habituated to,” stresses Kanishtha Dhankar, model and former Pantaloons Miss India.

Block the sun: You might just think that sunscreens are meant for the summers only. Indeed a myth, but in reality, the winter sun can damage your skin as well. So don’t forget to slather sunscreen around 30 minutes before going out, on the exposed areas of the skin to keep it safe.

Consult a specialist: If you have skin irritation and skin tends to crack during winters, it’s advisable for you to see a dermatologist before applying any cream or lotion. “One should always consult a skin specialist to get the best treatment for their skin. For those who have oily skin, they should use water-based creams and for the dry skinned people, oil-based creams suit the best. Moisturisers with ceramide as a component can help in tackling dry skin. Do not use soaps on the face. But always wash your face twice a day, and if possible go for regular massages to salons or to clinics,” added Dr. K.E Mukadam, a dermatologist from Mumbai.

So this winter, make sure that you bid adieu to dry skin and let it shine like never before.

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