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Shweta Ganesh and Tista Sengupta| Posted On: 12-Nov-2012

While a festival gives us the chance to create new memories each year, we all have fond memories of celebrations in years gone by. We asked models and designers to let us in on their fondest memories of Diwali. Read on to take a trip down memory lane...

Nandita Mahtani, Designer: Except for this year when I shall be busy at work, every year I made sure that I am with family during Diwali in Mumbai. From having puja at home to my workplace, it was fun to have a family get-together. It used to be a power-packed day, and I also enjoyed burning crackers with near and dear ones.

Preeti Dhata, model- The fondest memory that I have of Diwali is the one time when all of our relatives had gathered together and all the children were made to pray, we were each handed a prayer book, and all of the books had different variations of the prayer. None of us could get it right! While this upset the elderly, all of us kids were busy giggling away to glory. Diwali is the time that my mother makes the best pakodas which are really hard to resist. The festival is about togetherness and I love the environment that it creates!

Arpan Vohra, Designer- This is the most anticipated festival for my family and me. All our relatives come together and we spend time with each one of them which is otherwise impossible to do so! I was brought up in an army background which meant we moved around every two years and picked up that place’s tradition. Every state has its unique way of celebrating Diwali which is mixed with its own tradition and culture. We were provided huge houses for residing which would turn into something totally different during the festival. We would decorate the entire house with diyas and candles and light up the kandils, both traditional looking and the fancy kind. My mother would make an array of sweets at home which we savoured uninterruptedly!

Alesia Raut, Model- Diwali has always been packed with work for me. It was only in the year 2009 that I decided to be at home and spend time with my son. He was three years old then and I wanted to introduce him to the tradition. From worshipping the Goddess, buying a gold coin, making sweet dishes at home to burning crackers, I wanted my son, Mark to know the customs well. It was my first time that I was at home during Diwali and Mark was not only happy having me during Diwali but also experiencing the festival.

Rajdeep Ranawat, Designer-   Diwali for me used to be about just crackers and not clothing, once upon a time and those form the fondest memories. I used to love bursting crackers right from those rassi bombs to the sparkling crackers! The best Diwali for me was when I was in Disneyland, Orlando with my family. The Epcot Centre was completely lit up and the evening was completely transformed into the best fireworks show. The sky was entirely lit up and it turned out to be the most flamboyant Diwali ever.

Gaurav Arora, Model- For me, this festival always takes me back to those years when I used to be with family having fun. This year I have planned to enjoy the festival of lights with my friends from the modelling fraternity in Mumbai.

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