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Shweta Ganesh| Posted On: 24-Nov-2012

Bringing his own individualistic trend to the ramp, designer Yogesh Chaudhry gave us the quirky Pac man prints that we’ve all been talking about ever since it made its debut on LFW last season. Edgy, eclectic and innovative in terms of styling, the designer has come a long way since he was touted as the ‘Emerging Designer’ at the Van Heusen Men’s Fashion Week in 2010. Yogesh’s designs have been worn by the czars of the fashion brigade like Sonam Kapoor, Chitrangada Singh and Esha Gupta already. So, if you don’t know him, fret not, here’s your chance to get to know the designer. In an exclusive with Sk, Yogesh opens up about all things unconventionally fashionable, his new fashion film and lots more.

How would you describe your design philosophy?
It would very simply be to ‘Design for change’.

What's your short fashion film Ms Pac about? With a lot of designers showcasing their collection via a short film, is this just another passing trend or is there something more to it?
If you notice our collection, it has an immediate visual impact. It is that element which makes it strong. We have always wanted to do a short film for the collection and for us, it worked out beautifully. I believe this way we can make our clientele aware of the story behind the collection in a fun, eye-catching way. This is definitely not a passing trend for us and you will be seeing more films from our brand.

Your collection started retailing at Pernia's pop-up store. Why did you choose to be in the online retail space?
I think the consumer culture in the country has evolved and that it doesn't pay to be stagnant. Pernia's pop up shop is a great platform to reach the tier 2 and 3 cities in the country and what she is doing is great! She has done e-retailing correctly and I truly believe the future is online!

In a short span of time, you've developed a strong audience. Celebs and non-celebs have taking great liking to your creations. Why do you believe people have connected with your designing ideology?
Don't know! I am too young to have any design ideology.

What are the future plans of your brand Surendri?
In terms of immediate short term plans it would be putting out a successful collection in the upcoming Spring/Summer 2013. In terms of long-term it would be creating a brand that consumers globally are aware of.

Do you believe in 'affordable' fashion or do you feel that every masterpiece has a price to pay? How do you categorize your collections in terms of price?
I think any designer puts in hard work and several man hours into a collection, no matter how much you try it is hard to "put a price" on something you have put passion and dedication into. I do however believe that in order to be successful and recognized, one must be approachable which is an integral part of a homogenous brand. I think, second season in, my pricing module has become better and has found the right balance. I do make an extra effort to get that right.

What are your sources of inspiration?
With each season there is a different inspiration. Each season brings in inspiration, in terms of story and silhouette. I can’t pinpoint and say that this is the one thing that inspires me as there is always something piquing my interests. Maybe the one thing that does not change in my inspiration is the Surendri woman and her journey.

Among the current lot of designers who do you believe comes close to being similar to you?
I think everyone is different and especially the current lot have such different and unique personalities of their own. It’s hard to say that someone is similar to someone else as they really aren't!

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