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Shweta Ganesh| Posted On: 27 Nov 2012

In this day and age, we all know that there are no free meals in this world. However, one could even possibly get away without paying for a meal (Just saying!) but being beautiful definitely has a price to pay. No, we’re not referring to the soul or one’s aura by plain outward beauty. The beauty experts at Sk, list out the top five most luxurious beauty and hair treatments for the self. Since our dreams don’t have to have a budget, we decided to go easy on ours. Ladies, these are not just face creams but most women (mostly celebs) swear by it as religion. Here’s what made it to our top five...

1. Creme De La Mer- We are not getting down to what’s the best anti-ageing cream or serum in the market yet. However, with mineral algae, pure-tone glycerine, fermented kelp which is seaweed broth, mineral oil and few other ‘secret’ ingredients it surely makes for a must-try.  ‘The Essence’ is the most expensive of the La Mer series and is as pure as liquid gold.  Energy giving and skin boosting this cream tops our luxury wants.

2. Frederic Fekkai- This is another must-have if you want salon treated hair in a night! Yes, you got that right and celebs like Cindy Crawford, Hillary Clinton, Renee Zellweger are major users of this product.  It contains whose wheat, rice ceramics and edelweiss extracts that work in tandem to turn dry hair into silky smooth locks. This entire magical act takes place overnight but of course you’ve got to shell out a bomb to own it.

3. The Cream by Kanebo- This is Japanese by product but is now being retailed world over because of its demands. It’s known to contain all of the most valuable ingredients that makes the skin of Asian women blemish and visibly pore-free. The silky texture of the cream comes from the presence of genuine Koishimaru silk extracts which go a long way in toning and deeply moisturizing the skin. Apart from the saffron oil, Moon flower fragrances help in healing of the dermal layer thus evening of the skin tone. So, one cream many benefits!

4.  Liquid Surgery Serum- Who says that we have to go stick syringes in our face in order to combat the fine lines and crow feet? With Medical Beauty Research or MBR as its commonly known as by the well-heeled people, one can just apply the almost surgical cream and one can achieve firmer, softer and rosier skin. Of course, it’s not the one shot answer but it’s a great substitute for the needles. It contains Hyalurol acid and Ecotoin which act as powerful skin hydrants which pump in oxygen to the skin making it look younger by the day.

5. La Praire Caviar Cream- We’ve been raving about the benefits of caviar for a while now but this jewelled box from La Prairie is reason enough to splurge on it. It has about 2,400 Swarovski studded onto it which reveals the secret to healthy looking skin with caviar, marigold and arnica extracts. Celebs and beauty experts have given us their verdict and it’s time we dabbed some on our skin.

We’re sure that is Cleopatra were around today, she would have used a lot more than milk and by lot more, we’re referring to the exorbitantly priced creams. So, ladies smother it up because this season beauty comes with a heavy duty price!

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