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Tista Sengupta| Posted On: 05-Dec-2012

We’re all fond of dabbing makeup. But, believe it or not, certain make-up and beauty routines can cause aging. No doubt that our biggest fantasy is to look natural and youthful throughout our lives, but in reality, the skin ages with time. What if the skin starts aging prematurely?  What are the make-up mistakes that can affect your glamorous skin? Take a look at what Sk points out to be major make-up errors…

Don’t leave it dry
With age it’s natural that our skin tends to turn dry. So to hydrate the skin, you require moisturisers. Now, if you avoid using moisturising products on a daily basis, you will soon see signs of aging on your skin. Try applying a rich night cream that will give your skin a natural, well-rested look, even if you haven’t slept for long the previous night.  And not to forget, you will see the fine lines on your skin fade off.

Not too much or too less
This is the first rule of make-up that anything in excess can be harmful, especially when it comes to foundation. Again, if you don’t use foundation at all, your little imperfections on your skin can be easily visible. So it’s advisable to use a lightweight, hydrating yet non-greasy formulated foundation that will not only hydrate your skin, but will also cover up small imperfections, giving your face a healthy glow.

Sober it down
The trend of going OTT is in vogue now-a-days. We tend to do our eyes up with shiny, metallic and glittery eye make-up during the party season. They do enhance the oomph factor, but they can also make fine lines and wrinkles around the skin of your eyes visible. This can make your skin around the eyes look dull and drier than ever before. So, it’s highly recommended to switch to matte for your eye make-up.

Dark Diaries
You must be aware that once a woman approaches her forties, her lips lose some of its youthful fullness and start acquiring lines. In order to avoid such a problem at a young age, you must say no to lipsticks that are very dark or metallic. Rather opt for lipsticks that are in natural tones and have a buttery soft and deeply moisturising formula, to reduce the visibility of lines. This will also help your lips look plumper and offer them moisture protection.

Powder pangs
We tend to apply a compact face powder for setting our foundation evenly on our face. It definitely provides a smooth finesse and doesn’t make your face look caked up. But always remember that you need to be really very careful while applying compact powder. Never apply too much of it, especially in areas which have lots of fine lines. Using the powder around the eyes can make the skin there appear really dry, and it surely add years to your face.

It’s high time to pull up your socks and get-going. Get your make-up kit corrected if you want to look drop-dead gorgeous, until you start aging naturally...

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